FIND YOURSELF: In love, at work, in life ...

In Hamburg, there’s always a fresh breeze. That’s the way it is here in the north where I grew up. The wind of change blows ceaselessly. I only found out much later what that would mean for me.


So in 1981, on the advice of my parents, I started my training in Hamburg to become an industrial clerk in an oil mill. My dream was actually to become a travel agent. Even then, change and travel excited me. But many beliefs destroyed my dream: you won’t earn anything there or: that’s not safe. Do something sensible with your life.

Job hopper - or master of change?

Many of the ‚reasonable‘ jobs that followed lasted 1-2 years until I got bored or realised: that can’t be enough. Not the right job again… What to do? Completely unconsciously, I did something that I advise many applicants to do today: Trial & Error! Just try something new, otherwise you won’t know what you like.

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Around the world to Dresden

My passion for change shocked my environment again and again and led me to an American corporation in England, to the deserts of Africa and finally to my husband in Saxony. And each change brought me further to the following realisation: I can always decide for myself how and where I live – privately and professionally. In 2003, I was part of a start-up in Dresden, being the 3rd employee. Today the company has over 100 employees and belongs to Samsung.

And now? There's still something to do!

I summoned up all my courage and quit my secure job and started again – at the age of 40! First I studied business administration and at the same time I founded my own company.

Human resources expert, judge of character and triathlete

Since then, I’ve had the privilege of supporting medium-sized companies with their personnel changes and helping applicants find the fun in new jobs. And it never gets boring – I am constantly surrounded by change.

„Work can also be fun – Let’s go for it!“

I would like to learn more about recruitment or career change: or T:+49 351 3151175